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The resources are assembled for fourth grade teachers and students to aid in the study of the United States regions. Items found on the Regions of the United States pages are useful for the entire U.S. study and may be referenced prior to, during, and following individual region lessons. To navigate through the pages click on the upper tabs. Return to the home page to access my contact information and poll questions. I would appreciate hearing from you with any suggestions or comments and with poll responses. Enjoy your study of the Regions of the United States!

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Home Region

Which region do you live in?
Northeast: 241 votes (28.02%)
Southeast: 196 votes (22.79%)
Midwest: 209 votes (24.3%)
Southwest: 79 votes (9.19%)
West: 103 votes (11.98%)
Not in the U.S.: 32 votes (3.72%)
Total Votes: 860

Regions Visited Poll

Have you ever visited the Northeast Region?
yes: 241 votes (56.05%)
no: 189 votes (43.95%)
Total Votes: 430
Have you ever visited the Southeast Region?
yes: 258 votes (65.15%)
no: 138 votes (34.85%)
Total Votes: 396
Have you ever visited the Midwest Region?
yes: 182 votes (47.15%)
no: 204 votes (52.85%)
Total Votes: 386
Have you ever visited the Southwest Region?
yes: 150 votes (40.21%)
no: 223 votes (59.79%)
Total Votes: 373
Have you ever visited the West Region?
yes: 149 votes (43.31%)
no: 195 votes (56.69%)
Total Votes: 344

Favorite Region Poll

What is your favorite region?
Northeast: 117 votes (22.12%)
Southeast: 114 votes (21.55%)
Midwest: 97 votes (18.34%)
Southwest: 145 votes (27.41%)
West: 56 votes (10.59%)
Total Votes: 529