Final Project

Possible Resources

  • PowerPoint
  • Google Presentation
  • Prezi
  • Animoto
  • iMovie

The Task

Create a presentation to the School Board that communicates the recycling solution or product, rationale for this solution, results of the experiment, and recommendations for a schoolwide recycling program for the future.


All presentations must include the following information:

  • Define the Problem
    • Describes the extent of the recycling problem at the high school
    • References data collected in the initial surveys and data collection
  • Background Research
    • Describes the relevant research on behavior change theories
    • Explains why the group chose one or more of the theories to work with
  • Hypothesis
    • Clearly states the hypothesis regarding a solution to the recycling problem
    • Links the hypothesis to psychological theories
    • Explains why the group felt that this solution would be effective
  • Experiment
    • Describes the steps of the experiment
    • Explains how data was collected
    • Justifies why the experiment was set up the way it was
  • Analyze Results and Draw Conclusions
    • Discuss how the data gathered led to your conclusion about the effectiveness of your solution
  • Recommendations
    • Based on your results, propose a recommendation to the School Board for the school's recycling program moving forward
    • Discuss what resources (financial, staffing, etc.) will be needed in order for your recommendations to be carried out

Subject Guide

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