Research Resources

Designing a Survey

Use these resources to better understand what it takes to write a good survey.

"Designing a Survey"--Science Buddies

"How to Write Survey Questions: 7 Things Not to Do"--Shannon Johnson

A Lens for Understanding

When thinking about ways that you can influence people's behavior, there are several elements you should consider, including theories in both behavior modification and persuasion. As you begin your research and formulate a plan to increase the level of recycling in the school, investigate some of the theories listed below to help better understand how people's behavior can be changed. You can then use these theories to develop your own ideas for changing our students' behavior when it comes to recycling.

Resources for to Get You Started

Use the following resources to start understanding some of the theories about behavior modification. You should use these resources to create your task forces and roles that you feel you will need to optimize your chances at altering student behavior when it comes to recycling. These resouces should be a starting point. You chould create additional questions you want answered about behavior modification and use other resources in print, from the Internet, and from databases to help bring together your ideas and make a case for what types of systems you will use in your recycling campaign.

A General Discussion on Behavior Modification and Current Theories:

Communication for Governance and Accountability Forum's "Theories of Behavior Change"

Operant Conditioning:

Operant Conditioning--Simply Pshychology

Operatnt Conditioning (B.F. Skinner)

Classical Conditioning:

Classical Conditioning--Simply Psychology

Classical Conditioning (Pavlov)


Propaganda Video--School Tube (Propaganda)

Animoto Fear Factor Video--School Tube (Propaganda)

Persuasion Video--School Tube (Persuasion)

Oil Dependence--School Tube (Persuasion)


Marketing and Communications--BCIT

"3 Awesome Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns and Why They Matter"--Karma Store

Nonprofit Ads and Posters--Pinterest

Places You Can Go for More Information

Use these resources to help you find and gather additional information in relation to behavior modification.

Library Catalogs

School Library Catalog

MORE Library Catalog



SIRS Researcher

Google Scholar

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