Who Should I Be?

As you work in your groups, there are several roles you might find necessary for your group to succeed. Use this page to help you determine what role would be right for you based on your strengths and interests.

Types of Roles

Project Manager

  • This person is responsible for making sure the group is staying on schedule. The project manager will develop weekly checklists of tasks that need to be done and will be the chief organizer for the work the group does throughout the entire project.


  • The treasurer is responsible for the budget and spending of the group. This person will develop and submit quotes to the teacher when the group wants to make purchases.

Data Analyst

  • The data analyst is responsible for the organization of data that is collected throughout the project. This person will develop the system for data collection for the group.

Data Interpreter

  • The data interpreter is responsible for converting raw data into meaningful graphics for the final presentation.

Communication Director

  • The communication director is responsible for submitting weekly progress memos to the teacher via the class blog. These reports will describe what the group accomplished, what still needs to be accomplished, and if any new problems have arisen throughout the week.

Subject Guide

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