1902 Library Media Specialist License

1902 requirements have changed as of fall 2018.    New students will start under the new rules. 

In general, the rules changes are:

  • Those who have a bachelor’s degree or higher but not a teaching license will be able to get the 1902 license as an initial teaching license.
  • There will no longer be two stages of licensure (1901 and 1902).  The courses for both will be combined into eight courses for the 1902 license with modifications to the courses.  The practicum will be the last course in the program. 
  • No master’s degree is required.  The majority of the courses can be done at the undergraduate level.

For details on the requirements for the 1902 initial license for those with no existing teaching license, see the website for each campus:

Pre-Fall 2018 License

Prior to fall 2018, becoming a school library media specialist in Wisconsin is a two-stage process, available to those with an existing teaching license.  Those who began the license courses before fall 2018 fall under these rules for the 1902 license. They will no longer apply for the 1901 and then take three courses to earn the 1902 license.  Instead, they will complete all coursework and then apply for the 1902.   Each current student will receive information from their home campus with details on remaining coursework.  

1901 license (non-renewable)

The 1901 license qualifies you as a school librarian for five years. You must complete the full, renewable 1902 license during your first five years with the 1901 license.  

Courses could be as a graduate student in the UWSSLEC distance program, or on campus at UW  Whitewater campuses, either as an undergraduate  minor or as a special student. As of fall 2018, courses can be taken at the undergraduate level through UWSSLEC for UW Oshkosh and UW Whtiewater students as the master's degree will no longer be required.  UW Madison students must take courses at the graduate level as part of a degree.  This site describes the UWSSLEC program. Check individual campuses for GPA  and portfolio requirements  and for campus licensure expectations.

1901 License Requirements:

  • Hold or be eligible for a teaching license in an area other than school library media services
  • 21 credits of coursework plus supervised practicum experiences(3 to 6 credits). 
1902 license (renewable) 

This license is done after completing the library practicum and results in a renewable license added to an existing teaching license.

1902 License Requirements:

  • Have held an educator license for at least three years
  • Have completed the 1901 license
  • Complete a master's degree or the equivalent in an approved program  (no longer in effect as of fall 2018)
  • Must be completed in full within five years of the 1901 license

This license is available through three courses in the UWSSLEC program.


Courses  Dates: Semester and Weekend  Campus
 Young Adult  Literature

 Spring 2018Jan. 29 - May 11
 On-campus: Feb. 10-11


 Digital Tools

 Fall 2018: Sept. 4-Dec. 14

 On campus:

  • Section 1: Nov. 3-4 (Sat. 9-4:30, Sunday 8:30-3:00)
  • Section 2: Nov. 10-11 (Sat. 9-4:30, Sunday 8:30-3:00)

 Library Administration

 Summer 2018: May 29 - July 28
 WebEx Session:  June 10, 9-11

  • Section 1: July 20-21  
  • Section 2:  July 27-28



 Information Literacy

 Fall 2016: Sept. 7 - Dec. 16

  • Section 1:  Sept. 24-25
  • Section 2:  Oct. 1-2
  • Section 3:  Oct. 8-9

 Spring 2019 

 Children's Literature

 Spring 2017: Jan. 30 - May 12
 On-campus: Feb. 4-5

 Summer 2019 (tentative)


 Organizing Information

 Summer 2017May 20- July 7

  • Section 1: On-campus:  May 20-21 
  • Section 2: On-campus:  June 3-4 

 Summer 2019 

Finding and Using Information

 Fall 2017: Sept. 5 – Dec. 15

  • Section 1: On-campus: Sept. 30-Oct. 1 (9:00-4:30 Saturday, 8:30-3:30 Sunday)
  •  Section 2:  On campus: Sept. 23-24 (9:00-4:30 Saturday, 8:30-3:30 Sunday)

 Spring 2020 (tentative)


 Leadership and Administration of Library 
 and Technology Program 

(This course is also required by students working under the older 1902 requirements.)

 Spring 2018 : Jan. 22-May 11
  • On-campus at UW Whitewater March 3-4 (snow dates: March 10-11)

  • Optional WebEx session March 24 from 9-11

 Fall 2019 


 Practicum / portfolio

 Those working on a 1902 initial license will student teach instead  of doing the practicum

 TBA: Observe home campus preplanning dates  Home

Those working on a 1902 initial license: 

  • Library Methods with field experience
  • Student teaching instead  of  practicum


  • Fall 2019
  • TBA: Observe home campus preplanning dates


  • Oshkosh/ Home campus for field experience 
  • Home campus


Pre-Fall 2018 1902 Courses Dates Campus

  Leadership and Administration of Library 
 and Technology Program 

 See above list


 Virtual Libraries

 (Pre-fall 2018 version)

  Summer 2018:  June 10-July 27
  On campus at UWW:  June 29, 30, July 1

  Spring 2019 

 Information Technology in Schools
 and Libraries

 Fall 2018 : Sept. 4 - Dec. 14
 On campus at UWW: Oct. 13 (9:00-4:30) and Oct. 14 (8:30-3:00)

 Summer 2019