Admission to UWSSLEC

To enroll in UWSSLEC: You need to be eligible for a teaching license in Wisconsin, have the necessary technology and broadband access, and decide whether a hybrid distance program will work for you.

1. Select a Home Campus (see Campus tab):   Are you pursuing a degree or simply licensure? Consider each institution's degree programs, their particular strengths, portfolio expectations and practicum requirements and choose your best fit - you can change your Home Campus during the first two courses.

2. Check the technology requirements for the program (tech-requirement)

3. Complete the UWSSLEC Electronic Application (Press the button). 

UWSSLEC Application Form

Carrie Lencho, Coordinator of Credit Outreach
1-800-621-5376, 262-472-5208

4. Apply for Admission to the Graduate College at your home campus.   Regardless of whether you seek a graduate degree or simply need to pursue coursework for a license, you will need to be admitted to the graduate college at your home campus. Apply to the graduate college at your home campus. Note: Madison may not be declared as home campus until you have been formally accepted into its masters program.

Admission to the Graduate College allows you to enroll in courses through your Home Campus, but does not automatically enroll you in a graduate degree, You will be asked to choose either “Special Student/Non-Candidate for Degree” or “Degree Candidate." Choose the former only if your plan is just licensure and not a graduate degree.

5. (OPTIONAL) Apply to a degree program.   If you seek both the license and a degree, that application is a separate step. Make sure you check the specific requirement on the application form. Note: If you select UW-Madison you must be enrolled in their graduate degree program specifically and should contact them before seeking admission to UWSSLEC.

6. You may now register for courses!    (More detail on registering for courses)

Home Campus Financial Aid offices

UWSSLEC Home Institutions

The Graduate link provides information on applying at the campus.

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 Eileen  Schroeder, Ph.D.  UWSSLEC  Director 262-  472-2837 Yes  MSE-Prof.Devel. in Information, Technology and Libraries

   UWSSLEC Coordinator: Carrie Lencho   1-800-621-5376, 262-472-5208;



 Eileen E. Schroeder, Ph.D.

Kai Rush




 Yes  MSE-Prof.Devel. in Information, Technology and Libraries
 Oshkosh  Website
 Karen Gibson,  Ph.D. 920-424-7235  Yes  MS in Educational Leadership
 Madison  Website
 Allison Kaplan,  Ed.D. 608-890-1335  No  MA in Library & Information Studies


UWSSLEC Course Costs

UWSSLEC students pay Wisconsin resident graduate tuition plus a $180 distance fee for each course to support development and coordination across campuses. Note: Posted fee rates combine tuition and segregated fees. UWSSLEC students pay only tuition, not the segregated fee, which is usually higher than the UWSSLEC distance fee.

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