Process Timeline

What Can We Do To Improve The Health Of Americans?

  • Meet your group.  Your Teacher will decide on your Group Roles - Refer to the Roles Page to find your daily assignments according to your Roles.
  • Watch the Task Introduction and discuss what you know (K) and what you want to know (W).
  •  Checkpoint #1: Turn in your KWL or Concept Map and continue to fill out during the project.
  • What can we do to improve the health of Americans? 
      • Research your problem using the links and databases of the Resources Page, as well as, contacting experts in the field.
    • Checkpoint #2: Decide on a problem and possible solutions discuss it with your Teacher.
    • Checkpoint #3: Decide who your audience is - Are they children, the elderly, school board, CEOs of health-related companies?  How does this change your message?  Turn in the audience you are focusing on and why.
    • Checkpoint #4: Share your group's resource list and notes using GoogleDocs.
    • Decide on a solution or solutions to include in your final project.


    • Explore the Final Project Tool Options on the Resources Page - Which would be the best option for your audience?
    • Checkpoint #5: Decide on your presentation tool/format, along with why you chose that tool?
    • Checkpoint #6: Present your Final Project to your class and chosen audience.

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