This unit can be completed in 2-3 weeks in a classroom that meets daily for 46 minutes.

Instructional Segments

The following are instructional segments where we may need to stop class and review/teach these topics/subjects:

  • Review research skills
  • Review evaluation of sources
  • Review the use of Google Docs
  • Show examples of final product tools

In addition to these, the content area teacher may have additional content to review with the students.

Instructional Support

The following professionals could be brought in during this unit to enhance learning on the topic:

  • Library Media Specialist
  • Health Professionals (Doctor, Dietician, Nurses)
  • Sports Trainer
  • Physical Education/Health Teacher
  • Food Service Director

Logistics/Potential Issues

Students must have the following in order for this project to work:

  • Must have a means of sharing information such as a Gmail account to access Google Docs
  • Must have knowledge of presentation tools
  • Must have knowledge of evaluating websites and how to synthesize information



  • Students will research health concerns/problems/risks of people in the United States
  • Students will work in a group to create an advocacy product/publication/presentation on improving health in the United States

CCSS ELA Standards

  • ELA A.8.4
  • ELA C.8.1
  • ELA E.8.3
  • ELA E.8.5
  • ELA F.8.1

AASL Standards

  • AASL 1.1.1
  • AASL 3.1.1
  • AASL 3.1.2
  • AASL 4.1.8

Health Standards

  • 1.3.A1
  • 2.3.A1
  • 2.3.A2
  • 3.3.A1
  • 4.3.A1
  • 5.3.B1
  • 5.3.B3
  • 6.3.A2
  • 6.3.B3
  • 8.3.A3

This project focuses on the 21st Century Skills of collaboration, project management, independent work, and creativity/innovation.


The following are assessments that will be used throughout the unit:

Additional Resources Needed

The following resources could also be of value for this unit:

  • Health related materials (Would be provided by the Health Teacher)
  • Computer lab
  • Software/Web 2.0 tools
  • Healthcare policy resources/changes

Subject Guide