Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin

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Who Are the Menominee Indians?

The Menominee Tribe's origin, or creation, begins at the mouth of the Menominee River.  That is only 60 miles away from their present Menominee Indian Reservation.  This is very unique, because most tribes reservations are not this close to where they began.  There are five clans, Ancestral Bear, Eagle, Wolf, Moose and Crane.

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The Menominee Indians called themselves Mamaceqtaw, but their Algonquin relatives called them Menomini, which means "Wild-Rice People", and the name stuck.

Menominee artists are most known for weaving, quilling (weaving porcupine quills onto leather), pottery and floral beadwork.

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Menominee images

Great Cloud

A painting from 1836 shows an important Menominee named Great Cloud.

Courtesy of the Smithsonian American Art Museum (formerly National Museum of American Art), Washington, D.C.; gift of Mrs. Joseph Harrison

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