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Visual-Spatial Learner: Teaching Strategy Resources

What does it mean to be a Visual-Spatial Learner?

Left or Right Brain Poll

Do you consider yourself a left brain thinker (logical/analytical) or a right brain thinker (visual/spatial) ? Please select your choice below.

Left or Right Brain Poll
Right Brain: 3 votes (42.86%)
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Teaching Strategies

10 Tips for Teaching Picture Thinkers

  1. Give them the Big Picture up front.
  2. Use visuals when teaching everything.
  3. Provide models of all expected products. Credit the end product. Don’t require a show of steps.
  4. Expand visualization skills. Store and retrieve.
  5. Teach how to organize information pictorially.
  6. Teach how to take picture notes as well as word notes.
  7. Imitate word processors in writing and editing. Cut/paste/add/reorder. Freeze Frame. Organize by graphics.
  8. Avoid timed tests. Teach time awareness and management.
  9. Increase complexity if focus decreases (many careless mistakes made).
  10. Be upbeat. Let good humor, appreciation, and positive emotions rule.

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