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Visual-Spatial Learner: Multiple Intelligences

What does it mean to be a Visual-Spatial Learner?

Books on Multiple Intellingences

Which intelligence best describes you?

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Naturalist - Aware of and sensitive to natural surroundings.

Interpersonal - Interacts well with others.

Logical/Mathematical - Strength in problem solving, numbers, and logic.

Spatial/Visual - Able to picture spatial world in mind. Strength in arts and sciences.

Intrapersonal - Learns through introspection and self-reflection.

Bodily-Kinesthetic - Uses body well and does well with athletics or dance.

Musical - Learns well through auditory means. Shows strength in musical talents.

Linguistic - Communicates well through words and language in both spoken and verbal forms.

Multiple Intelligences


Take a short 24 question, 5 minute quiz to discover your learning style!

Multiple Intelligence Survey for Students in your Classroom

At Teaching Resources with Laura Candler, Ms. Candler created a free downloadable Multiple Intelligences Survey for students 5th grade and older.

Teacher Website Resources

These websites offer suggestions to incorporate all of the Multiple Intelligences in your activiites and lesson plans in your classroom. By addressing all of the different Intelligences, you are able to better serve all students.