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Chocolate: Home

A sweet educator resource for anyone who loves chocolate or is just curious about the delicacy

Kris Twigg

The World's Largest Chocolate Bar

What is Chocolate?

Many people who love the great taste of choclate do not how chocolate is made, or where it comes from. Chocolate is made from ground cacao beans mixed with other ingredients such as cocoa butter, sugar, milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and other spices and ingredients.

Cacao vs Cocoa

The official name of the Chocolate Tree is Theoborma cacao, but some experts think the word cacao (pronouned ka-kow) was changed over time to be called cocoa as in cocoa bean. Recently there has been a movement to reclaim the beans rightful name cacao. Often times the words cacao and cocoa will be used interchangable but chocolate experts agree "cacao" is used to refer to the bean while the powder made from the cacao bean is called "cocoa".