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Romeo and Juliet : Punishments

Mrs. Kaiser's Class - Exploring Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

The Rack

Cutbert Simpson on the rack

The Collar

A particularly cruel form of punishment.


Various means of tortures were use to extract confessions for crime. Women did not escape torture and punishment during this violent era - Anne Askew was put to the rack for her religious beliefs, and subsequently died, during the reign of Elizabeth's father King Henry VIII. The highest nobles were automatically exempt from torture but other courtiers were not. Instruments and means of torture, for unproven crime, included the following: 

  • The Rack
  • The Scavenger's Daughter
  • The Collar
  • The Iron Maiden
  • Branding Irons
  • Assorted instruments designed to inflict intense pain


Branding Iron

The Scavenger's Daughter

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The Iron Maiden