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Resource materials for students and teachers for Music in Our Schools Month

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Explore topics related to music and find fun facts and activities. Each tab has links to sites related to the topic with a small description of what you will find. Enjoy learning new facts,  writing your own music, learn the history of music, listen to the sound of different types of music or playing games. Find the discussion box on each page and talk with others about the neat things you have learned.


Parents and teachers can find useful materials to incorporate music in our schools into the classroom or home.

Music in Our Schools

Set as a month of celebration in 1985, Music in Our Schools has been a way to showcase the students abilities and knowledge of music for the whole month of March. Music can be a great way to let students and adults demonstrate creative abilities through instrumental, vocal, and compositional outlets.

Music - an art for itself - Headphones and music notes / musical notation system

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