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Welcome to the Workshop

In this workshop on Food and Culture you will be exploring how food plays a significant role in culture.  This can be in the culture of our country, the culture of one's ancestors and heritage, the culture of one's city/town, and the culture of one's family.  In all of these different aspects of our own culture food plays a significant role.

Think about this... Do you have any food that you really love that someone in your family makes for special occasions? Does having the food mean something to you when you get together with your family?  This is part of your family's food culture. 

This workshop will ask you to dig deeper into food and culture in a variety of ways.  You will be choosing to focus on your own interest and then work as a team to create a restaurant to serve a food you have developed based on what you explored and learned about how food and culture unite.

If you are interested in design - you should explore the way that restaurants are set up, design their menus, and plating of dishes.

If you are interested in fresh, local, seasonable food - you should explore seasonal and local ingredients.

If you are interested in cooking - you should explore cooking techniques and ideas, as well as how food and culture come together.

Look at the final tab, Restaurant Creation, to see what your final product for the workshop will be...

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