Creating Your Works Consulted Page

Information to help with proper listing of sources consulted

Registration for

Use the above link to create an account to save and cite the bibliographic information for your articles.

1. Click on the link to go to the registration page.

2. Use your gaggle email address and create a password to form your account.

Preparing to Print Articles in Literary Reference Center

1. To print your article in Literary Reference Center, first select "print" in the database.  (See the blue arrow below.)

2. On the print manager screen, select the box for "citation format" and choose "MLA" as the format time from the drop down menu.  (See the green arrow below.)  Then select "print" (See the blue arrow.)

Copy and Paste Method For Source Information

Save Time By Copying the Article Source Info Before You Print.

1.  After selecting "print" on the print manager page (see above), copy the Article's works cited source info to paste into  (See red arrow in image below.)

2. Select the gray database tab above the cite this entry box.  (See black arrow in image below.)

3. Select "copy and paste" link. (See red arrow in image below.)

4. Paste source info into citation box (see red arrow below).  Then select "Create Citation."  (See blue arrow below.)

Manually Entering Source Information Into

Manually Entering Source Information Into an easybib citation.

1. Select "database" as the type of source.  (See image below.)

2. From the kind of database article drop down menu (see image below), select journal article or magazine article depending on the article you chose.

3. Use the image below as a guide and insert the information from your article(see image below) into the appropriate boxes on the easybib page.  When complete, select create citation.

Article Source Info-

1-Article Title


3-Magazine/Journal Title

4-Advanced Info Volume, Issue (For Journals)

5-Date Published

6-Article Page(s)


Organizing Your Works Consulted Page

When you are ready to combine the citations for your three articles into a works consulted page, follow the steps below.

1. First, check the boxes next to the articles that you are using for the assignment (See red arrows in image below.)

2. Next Select the "copy and paste" button to create a formatted list of your works consulted.  (See green arrow in image below.)

3.Highlight the list of works that you have created.

4. Congratulations, you now have a works consulted list you can paste into a Word document and save.

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