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The 800's are the literature section of the Dewey system and would include books with critical analysis of literary works.

Examples of Materials in the Library Collection

Readings on the Lord of the Flies

Readings on the Lord of the Flies

Greenhaven Press c1997

ISBN:  1565106288

Call Number:  823 REA

William Golding's Lord of the Flies Bloom's Notes

Chelsea House c1996

ISBN: 0-7910-3667-7

Call Number: 823 WIL

Lord of the Flies: Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations

Chelsea House c1998

ISBN: 07910-4777-6

Call Number: 823 LOR

Reference Collections-(In Print)

Novels for Students is available in the library's reference section.  The resources for Lord of the Flies are located in volume 2; Use the table of contents or index (title/author) to locate resources for Golding's Lord of the Flies.  In Novels for Students you will find:

  • Introductory essays that place each novel in its historical and literary context
  • Easy-to-understand discussions of the novel's themes, plot and characters
  • Analysis of the novel's literary construction
  • Age-appropriate critical commentary on the novel's significance for our times
  • A literary glossary that defines difficult terms
  • A timeline that juxtaposes literary and world events
  • Illustrations
  • Additional sources for further study

Novels for Students


World Literature Criticism is available in the library's reference section.  Information for literary works in this series is organized alphabetically by author, with resources for Golding's Lord of the Flies located in volume 3; Use the table of contents or index (title/author) to locate resources for Golding's Lord of the Flies.  In World Literature Criticism you will find:

  • Introductory information about the author and his/her major literary works.
  • A historical survey(collection) of critical responses to the author's works
  • These critical articles offer analysis including early responses to novels as well as current perspectives. 

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