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This website is an ongoing project of free online simulations to help teach specific concepts in physics, biology, earth science, chemistry, and math. The website also includes sample lesson plans for teachers looking to integrate the simulations into their curriculum.

When involved in these simulations, students are posing questions, engaged in active inquiry, and they master the content concepts being taught (Adams, et al, 2008). Through these simulations, disciplinary literacy concepts such as reading graphs, charts, legends, and content vocabulary are all incorporated.

World of Warcraft in School

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This website provides ideas and lesson plans for integrating math curriculum into the virtual world of the World of Warcraft. Lessons such as probability and discrete mathematics are covered and aligned to state standards. This would be a good resource for students to use content area vocabulary in different contexts.


In this simulation, created by researchers at Harvard University, students use GPS and Augmented Reality devices in this digital simulation to discover reasons for aliens landing on Earth. Through this simulation, students learn mathmatical skills like aspects of a ratio, proportion, and indirect measurement. Students also learn how English words have been influenced by Latin and Greek languages (Villano, 2008).

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