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This is a guide that explores the role of recess or play in education and child development.



This libguide is intented to demonstrate the role of recess in United States schools and the development of children. 

This libguide is intended for adults - teachers, parents, staff, administrators, school board members, legislators, and community members.


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There are tabs on the top with different subject headings.  Each tab takes you to a new page.


“Today’s young children are controlled by the expectations, schedules, whims, and rules of adults.  Play in the only time they can take control of their world.” 

–Sheila G. Flaxman

YouTube - Recess Rocks

Watch the fun they have promoting health and exercise!



Want to find out more? This is the entire bibliography of over 200 listings used to create this Libguide.  See individual pages for a shorter, more specific list.

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