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Tocopherols (or TCP) are a class of chemical compounds of which many have vitamin E activity. It is a series of organic compounds consisting of various methylated phenols. Because the vitamin activity was first identified in 1936 from a dietary fertility factor in rats, it was given the name "tocopherol" from the Greek words “τόκος” [birth], and “φέρειν”, [to bear or carry] meaning in sum "to carry a pregnancy," with the ending "-ol" signifying its status as a chemical alcohol.

Tocopherols and tocotrienols are fat-soluble antioxidants but also seem to have many other functions in the body. 

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The purpose of this libguide is to provide reference information for a research paper and provide possible literature citation for a scientific journal article on tocotrienols specifically in grains, oats, barley, rice, rye, maize, and wheat.

Use of the video - capture slides for presentation purposes of the structure of tocols.