Mark Twain: "A Ghost Story"

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 Read and review all information on this page.  Be sure to take careful notes; your notes will be helpful for the final exam!  

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Mark Twain: "A Ghost Story"

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Shirley Jackson: "The Lottery"

Richard Connell: "The Most Dangerous Game"

Final Project

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Read "A Ghost Story"

Click on the picture above to read the story; as you read, note the highlighted vocabulary terms.

Listen to the story

Click on the image above to listen to Mark Twain's "A Ghost Story."

Cite What You Used:

EasyBib: the bibliography maker.

Mark Twain Biography

Click on the picture of Mark Twain to view the full biography.  Please be sure to take notes on the information. 

When you are finished, please be sure to answer the quiz question which is located on the right side.

The Cardiff Giant

Be sure to watch this video on the background of the Cardiff Gaint.  If you do not understand the story behind the Cardiff Giant, you will not understand its significance in the story.

Books from the library...

Check out the following books in the High School library:

  SC TWA - The Signet Classic book of Mark Twain's Short Stories

   SC TWA - The Complete Short Stories

      SC TWA - The Best Short Works of Mark Twain

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Mark Twain Quiz Question

What was Mark Twain's real name?

Mark Twain Quiz Question
Lawrence Smith: 68 votes (42.5%)
Clem Samuels: 15 votes (9.38%)
Scott Swenty: 2 votes (1.25%)
Samuel Langhorne Clemens: 75 votes (46.88%)
Total Votes: 160

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