Easy Globe HD

App Name: Easy Globe HD

Device: iPad

Developer: ClearVision Sp. z o.o.

Category: Education

Cost: $3.99

Description: "Easy Globe is an interactive map, a game and a powerful tool for learning geography for everyone! Choose from different maps: global, continental, and local...Explore the world - find countries, islands, peninsulas, highlands...See the top 20 counties, rivers. It's all in here, and more to come" (iTunes Apps Store).

Continents and Oceans Helper

App Name: Continents and Oceans Helper

Device: iPod Touch / iPad

Developer: Webvantage Design

Category: Education

Cost: $0.99

Description: "Continents and Oceans Helper is a simple, yet effective tool to help elementary grade school students memorize the wold continents and oceans. Just push each button to reveal each continent or ocean" (iTunes Apps Store).

Subject Guide

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