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Google Earth (Interactive)


Maps and Globes


What Are the Different Types of Maps? (Website)

Economic Map: United States (Website)

Topographical Map: Wisconsin (Website)

Political Map: Wisconsin (Website)

Interactive: Understanding Map Vocabulary (Multimedia)

Understanding Maps and Key Vocabulary (Multimedia)

Compass Rose Interactive Map (Interactive)

Latitude and Longitude Game (Interactive)

Latitude and Longitude Millionaire Game (Interactive)

Practice with Maps: Family Adventure (Interactive)

Learn Map Skills: Adventure Island (Interactive)

Virtual Earth Satellite Maps (Interactive)

Using Map Scales for Distance (SMART Board)

Map Reading Practice (SMART Board)

Types of Maps (SMART Board)

Maps and Map Skills Practice (SMART Board)



What Are the Seven Continents? (Interactive)

Test Your Knowledge of the Continents (Interactive)

Continents and Oceans Quiz (Interactive)

Find the Continents (Interactive)

Learn About the Continents (Interactive)

SMART Exchange (SMART Board)



What Are the Oceans? (Interactive)

Continents and Oceans Quiz (Interactive)

Download Google Earth Narrated Tour: Explore the Oceans (Interactive)

Oceans and Continents Game (Interactive)

SMART Exchange (SMART Board)


Great Lakes

What are the Great Lakes (Website)

Download Narrated Google Earth Tour (Website)

How Did the Great Lakes Form (Video)

Great Lakes Game (SMART Board)

Interactive Lake Huron Map (Interactive)

Lake Facts

Lake Erie Interactive Satellite Map (Interactive)

Lake Facts

Lake Michigan Interactive Satellite Map (Interactive)

Lake Facts

Lake Ontario Interactive Satellite Map (Interactive)

Lake Facts

Lake Superior Interactive Satellite Map (Interactive)

Lake Facts


State and Local

SMART Exchange (SMART Board)

City Map De Pere (Interactive);xmin=74697.19258940678;ymax=548291.0474338699;ymin=538721.0474338699

Wisconsin State Map – Basic (Image)

Wisconsin County Map (Image)


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