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Wilderness Survival: Survive

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Can Your iPhone Help You Survive?

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Test Your Survival Skills

Test what you already know about survival in the wilderness with this 20 question quiz.

Stay Alive Survival Simulator

This survival simulator game also has training pages and a reference library.

Tornados and Trees and Bears, Oh My!

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You and your best friend are traveling through northern Minnesota when you see a tornado coming towards you. You stop the car and hide in a nearby gully. You are both unharmed, but the car is gone and large trees block the road. The nearest town is thirty miles away.   The only survival tools you have are whatever you have in your pockets. How will you survive until help comes?

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You and your dad are driving on the back roads of northern Wisconsin during a severe thunderstorm. A large tree crashes down on the car. You escape with scrapes and bruises, but your dad is pinned down in the car and you can't get him out. There are black bears, coyotes, and wolves in the area.The only survival tools you have are whatever you have in your pockets. What will you do now?

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      You decide to go hunting alone and leave early without telling anyone where you are going.  Unfortunately, you make the mistake of getting between a bear and her cub, and she attacks. You fire repeatly but miss her, and she mauls you, then leaves with her bear. You are several miles from home and injured. The only survival tools you have are whatever you have in your pockets, and no one even knows where you are.  Now what?

Man Vs. Wild Survival Game


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Suggested Reading

There are many books and movies, both fiction and non-fiction, about surviving in the wilderness. Here are a few of Gary Paulsen's books. For more book and movie suggestions go to the Books and Movies page.

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