Floating Egg Experiment

Floating Eggs


Do you want to see how you can make an egg float in water?  Click on the eggs to take you to the website which will show you how to do the experiement. 

Can Paperclips Float?

See if you can make a paperclip float


Click on the floating paperclip to goto the experiment.

Websites with More Science Experiments


Check out these websites for more fun experiments to do at home.

Fun Science Experiments

Science Experiments to Try at Home


On this page you will find a lot of different science experiments you can try at home.  Please make sure you check with your parents first.  Have fun, be creative, and let the scientist in you come out! 

Try This Fun Experiment

Check out what happens to this water, better yet try it at home!

Magic Water

Blob in a Bottle

Blob in a bottle


Click on the bottle to learn how to make the worlds easiest lava lamp.

Which Will Sink and Which Will Float

What will happen?  


Click on the cans to goto the experiment to find out!

Science Experiment of the Week

More Science Toys

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