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Young Adult Literature (design test): YA Lit

A guide on YA lit.


Welcome to my guide about young adult literature.  YA lit is something I am passionate about. I love reading and discussing YA books. In my free time I run a blog where I post reviews of many of the YA books I've read. I love to go to conferences and events where I get the chance to meet the authors as well. I hope this guide will help you discover some new books as well as resources pertaining to YA lit. 

Find a YA Book

YA Book Awards

There are a number of awards given to quality YA literature.

YA Book Lists

Some fabulous YA Lit lists

What is Young Adult Literature

There is no one definition for "young adult literature." Generally speaking it is any book with a target audience between the ages of 14 - 19. In reality it has a much wider appeal. It has become incredibly popular in recent years. There are more authors writing YA lit and the quality has gone up dramatically. YA lit covers nearly any genre you can imagine. There are hundreds of books published each year. 

My YA Lit blog

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Book Trailers

YA Books I Love

YA Book Blogs

These are some of my favorite YA Book Blogs to read.

Author Blogs/Websites

Some of the best author blogs and/or websites I've found.