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This Takes the Cake! (test): Grill Cupcakes Step by Step

Let's Grill!

Check out the video slideshow of how we created our grill cupcakes. If you'd prefer to look at the still shots alone, just take a look at the boxes below and to the right!

Step 1 - Shape the Candy into Grill Food

Cut Tootsie Rolls to make brats

Cut and shape fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls to make chicken legs and steak.

Shape caramel cream candy into pork chops.

The finished candy grill food!

Step 2 - Add Grill Grates to Cupcakes

Using gray tinted frosting in a baggie, pipe grate lines on each cupcake

Step 3 - Attach Meat to Cupcakes

Place the candy on the grills

Using a toothpick, make grill marks with black frosting

Step 4 - The Finished Product

The "grate" masterpieces