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Little Known Facts about Mrs. S.-W. (Design Test): A Hobby

Mrs. S.-W. shares her her passion for attending hard concerts and her dream of watching a Wimbledon tennis match at The All England Club someday.

Preparation for Attending Rock Concerts

Know how to find concerts in your area for the bands you love!

  • Official Band Webpages
  • Ticketmaster
  • Venue Websites, like The Rave
  • Ticketmaster and Various Venues will automatically e-mail you with concert updates for bands like the ones whose tickets you have already purchased, so updates will start coming to you once you get started!

Godsmack Announcement

Read Concert Reviews to see if your favorite bands are any good live

Review Tweet

Brush up on the lyrics to your band's favorite songs so you can scream them during the concert! 


Boring Practical Stuff

  • Purchasing tickets at the time and date they are available so they don't sell out before you get them
  • Directions to venue
  • Parking (paid or free; street or parking lot)
  • Babysitter secured
  • Hotel accomodations booked (when going out of town)

Rave Map

Fiction Books with a Hard Rock Component

Some Bands I Have Seen Recently

Godsmack Concert I Attended in May

Is Hard Rock Music Harmful?

Clearly you know my opinions on this issue, but I can respect your views as well.  Read up on the issue and weigh in below.

Is Hard Rock Music Harmful?
Yes, Hard Rock Music is Harmful: 0 votes (0%)
No, Hard Rock Music is not Harmful: 1 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 1

Nonfiction Books in our LMC with a Hard Rock Component

Subject Guide

Why I Love Hard Rock Music



Consider What Type of Concert Experience You Desire


If you plan to stand near the stage, you WILL experience moshing, and may in fact be forced to help a fan body surf just so he/she does not fall on you (watch Godsmack clip).  If this all sounds exhilarating, you will enjoy a rock concert in almost any venue. 

concert tickets

If not, search for venues that offer balcony seating so you can safely enjoy watching the moshing, body surfiing fans while also seeing the band.  You won't be able to see the band members' faces clearly from a distance, though.

Venue Map

FYI - All hard rock concerts are General Admission, and NOBODY SITS!

Moshing Bracelet

Where do you suspect I choose to stand to watch the show? 

Who Has Attended a Hard Rock Concert?

Who Has Attended a Hard Rock Concert?
Yes, I have!: 1 votes (100%)
No, not yet unfortunately: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 1

Your Passion

Please click here to fill me in on what YOU love to do!