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Audio Resources




Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?

ISBN: 978-1-40016-648-0

This audiobook by James Shapiro offers an in-depth view into the authorship controversy surrounding William Shakespeare. It presents multiple arguments that support the idea that William Shakespeare never wrote the plays attributed to his name. In addition, this work examines a few possible authors for Shakespeare's plays include: Christopher Marlowe, Francis Bacon, and Earl of Oxford. A fascinating read that would produce great discussion in a classroom setting.





Shakespeare: The Biography

ISBN: 978-0-7393-2376-2

 This audiobook by Peter Ackroyd provides details of Shakespeare's life and times. It offers a detailed and thorough examination of the great playwright in context of 16th Century England. Great for gaining more biographical background on William Shakespeare.




Shakespeare Tragedies

Publisher: Grammardog.com 

 This CD-ROM helps teachers learn how they can use Shakespeare's plays to teach their students concepts related to English grammar and usage. This resource uses excerpts from plays like Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and more to provide examples of this teaching method.


Film Resources




Discovering Hamlet

ISBN: 978-1-59828-532-1

This DVD documents a behind the scenes look at how Kenneth Branagh approached playing Hamlet in 1988. This documentary examines the choices that both directors and actors must take into consideration for a performance. This originally aired on PBS and offers a great look into the preparation needed for a major Broadway performance.





In the Steps of Shakespeare: London and Stratford, 1564-1613

Publisher: TMW Media Group 

 This DVD provides a walking tour of Shakespeare's Stratford and London years. It offers viewers a glimpse at some of the most important sites associated with William Shakespeare including: the Tower of London, Anne Hathoway's cottage, and the Globe Theater site. Great for historical background!





Romeo and Juliet, the Tragic Lovers: Commentary and Performances from Shakespeare's Best Known Play about Youthful Lovers

Publisher: TMW Media Group 

 This DVD provides commentary, performances, and other insight on one of Shakespeare's most famous plays, Romeo and Juliet. A great resource for building background on how to stage the play.



Shakespeare's Globe Restored: Learning by Performance

Publisher: TMW Media Group 

 This DVD explores the rebuilding of the Globe Theatre and documents the eighteen months of preparation by the University of California - Berkley as they performed Much Ado About Nothing. A good informational resource to supplement knowledge of the Globe Theatre as well as how to stage performances of Shakespeare.