Student Websites

Interactive Resources


Website: Interactive Folio: Romeo and Juliet


Get a chance to interact with this media-rich text of Romeo and Juliet. Complete with links and multimedia to help supplement the text, this interactive folio is a great way to read and understand the play!





Website: A Shakespeare Timeline


Check out this interactive timeline to learn more about Shakespeare's life and accomplishments. Follow the navigation menu on the left side of the website to change dates.

General Shakespeare Study


Website: Shakespeare Online



A plethora of online resources await you on this website! Find quizzes, study guides, and character charts for each of Shakespeare's plays. You will also find biographical and historical information as well.



Website: Shakespeare Resource Center


This website offers information on Shakespeare's life, works, language, the authorship debate, Elizabethan England, and much, much more! This is a great resource while you're reading a play or while working on an essay!



Website: Shakespeare - Criticism of Individual Plays


This website offers critical analysis essays for many of Shakespeare's plays including Hamlet, Macbeth,  and Julius Ceasar. This is a great site to find secondary sources while writing analysis essays of the plays.

Interactive Globe Theatre Websites


Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London


Website: 360 Cities - Shakespeare's Globe Theatre


Check out this interactive 360 degree panorama outside of the Globe Theatre in London! Click on the "Play" to begin manipulating the image!



Website: The Virtual Globe - Explore Shakespeare's Theater Online


Take a trip back in time and learn about the Globe Theatre in Shakespeare's day through this interactive virtual tour. You can talk to various attendees of the theatre as well as get an animated look at the construction of the building. This is a great website for learning about theatre in the 16th Century!



Website: Virtual Tour / Shakespeare's Globe


Check out this 3D tour of the inside of the Globe Theatre! Once inside, you can look at the stage, yard, middle gallery, and the upper gallery. This is fun, interactive, and great for learning about the construction and set up of the Globe Theatre.