Student Audio/Visual Materials

Film - Historical



Classic Literature: William Shakespeare

ISBN: 978-0-7697-8956-9

This film gives a historical overview of William Shakespeare's life. It would be a great introductory text to help understand who Shakespeare was and where he came from. The film explores Shakespeare's life, major accomplishments, controversies, and visits significant locations.




In Search of Shakespeare

ISBN: 978-0-7806-4712-1


 A PBS documentary, In Search of Shakespeare offers viewers an inside look at Shakespeare's life, influence, his "lost years," and his works. The DVD version provides additional footage not seen on the TV broadcast. This film is an excellent introduction to Shakespeare the man, the myth, and the playwright. 




The Shakespeare Conspiracy

Publisher: TMW Media Group


Did you know that some people believe that a man named William Shakespeare did not actually write any of the plays associated with his name? This film explores the controversy surrounding the authorship of Shakespeare's plays and presents evidence suggesting that William Shakespeare was simply a pen-name for a man named Edward de Vere, the true author of Shakespeare's plays.

Other Digital Media


Guide to Shakespeare: The Life and Legacy of William Shakespeare

ISBN: 978-0-7697-8956-9

This CD-ROM for Macintosh or Windows computers offers students an interactive, multimedia approach to Shakespeare. Included in the program is information about Shakespeare's life, his influence in 16th Century England, as well as his influence on contemporary culture. A great option for 21st Century learners!


Essential Shakespeare

ISBN: 978-1-59887-008-4

This CD provides audio recordings of scenes from eleven of Shakespeare's plays as well as readings of some of his sonnets. This would be a good resource for students considering the delivery style of Shakespeare's work, or for students who would like to hear the audio while they follow along in the text.



Shakespeare is Hip Hop

ISBN: 978-1-60514-504-4

This CD delivers Shakespeare's work in a very unique and original way...through hip hop! With 19 tracks, this album uses original Shakespearian lines and some modernizations and raps them over the top of hip hop beats. This is a very interesting modernization of Shakespeare's works!

Film - Adaptations





 This 1991 retelling of Hamlet, starring Mel Gibson, uses original Shakespearian language and is set within the original time period of the text. This is an interesting and entertaining representation of this Shakespearian tragedy. A great resource to help students understand the text!





Richard Burton's Hamlet

This 1964 version of Hamlet, starring Richard Burton, helps students to see how the production looks on the stage. This play was filmed during an actual Broadway performance. Great for students working on reenacting specific scenes from the text!






Romeo and Juliet

This 2003 representation of Romeo and Juliet stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. This film is a modern adaptation of the play where the setting is a modern Verona Beach.





Romeo and Juliet

In this 1968 adaptation of the play, Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey star as Romeo and Juliet. This adaptation stays true to the text in both dialogue and setting. This would be a good resource for students to get a better grasp of the text.

Playaway Resources



CliffsNotes: William Shakespeare's Hamlet

This is an audio companion to Hamlet. It is great for students who want to listen to the audio of the text while they follow along. Compatible with Playaway.




William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

This is an audio companion to Romeo and Juliet. It is great for students who want to listen to the audio of the text while they follow along. Compatible with Playaway.