Biographical K-5




A biography book is classified by the facts and events that a person or group of people have gone through.  Most often children's books have taken liberties with true events and fictionalized some biographies instead of adhering to strict facts.  However, that trend is changing.

Of Thee I Sing

Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to my Daughters

By: Barack Obama

Illustrated By: Loren Long



 Reviewer: Brandon Berrey

 Grade Level: K-3

 Reading Level: 3.1

Have I told you are wonderful?  Have I told you that you creative like Georgia O'Keefe? Have I told you that you are smart like Albert Einstein?  Have I told you that you are brave like Jackie Robinson? Have I told you that you are a healer like Sitting Bull?  Have I told you that you are strong like Helen Keller?  Have I told you that you are kind like Jane Adams?  These are just some of the things that President Obama tells his daughters.  Most importantly he tells them that they are the future and the thing all parents should tell their children.  What is that?  Read what President Obama told them.



Jackie Robinson


Jackie Robinson

By: Dan Elish



Reviewer: Mike Slowinski

Grade Level: 4-6

Reading Level: 4.7

Learn all about Jackie Robinson's life before, during, and after his career with the Brooklyn Dodgers in this very informative yet accessible biography. Included with pictures and a timeline, this biography details the stories of the most influential baseball player of all-time including his stint in the military, as a construction worker, as a baseball player, and as a tough-minded individual determined to seek racial equality. Through chance encounters and perseverance, Jackie Robinson was able to work his way up through the Negro baseball league, into the minors, and eventually into the major league. However, once there, his troubles were far from over. Being called names by the fans and opposing team, and even once not being allowed on the field by a racist police officer, Robinson always kept a cool head in public. This biography is great for introducing kids to a sports legend while learning about civil rights activists. 

Lady Liberty



Lady Liberty

By: Doreen Rappaport



Reviewer: Joseph Diefenthaler

Grade Level: 3-6

Reading Level: 5.2


In the book Lady Liberty, Rappaport follows the path of the creation of the Statue of Libery from just a concept to her home in America.  The book talks about the 20 long years to complete the work of art over 100 feet tall using many imagrants to build.  Rappaport does a nice job introducing us to the men, women and children who all took part in this two continent project.  A great book to read to children about American history.