Historical Fiction 6-9

Historical Fiction



Stories that qualify as historical fiction combine elements of true history with fictional embellishments. These stories must contain some element of historical fact, but how closely the author sticks to the facts is part of the art of the genre. Often times, historical fiction authors engage in intense research before writing these stories, so readers feel that these fictional tales could plausibly happen. 


The Book Thief


The Book Thief

By: Markus Zusak



Reviewer: Mike Slowinski

Grade Level: 9

Reading Level: 4

Written from the perspective of Death, this novel tells the story of young Liesel's childhood growing up as a foster child in Nazi Germany under the care of a quietly subversive household. Ever the caretaker, Hans Hubberman, Liesel's foster-father sneaks in and hides a Jewish man in his basement. Throughout the years, Liesel and Max (the Jewish man in hiding) develop an intense bond as the world around them begins to crumble. This coming-of-age tale not only offers a very unique perspective on Nazi Germany, but its narrative will have you on the edge of your seat, slapping your knee laughing, and grabbing a tissue while you cry. Find out what happens to Liesel, Max, and Hans as the Nazi control becomes more brutal and all out war descends upon Himmel Street.

Chasing Licoln's Killer



Chasing Lincoln's Killer

By: James Swanson



Reviewer: Joseph Diefenthaler

Grade Level: 6-8

Reading Level: 7.2

Even wonder how President Lincoln was assassinated?  In this book, Swanson takes the facts from history and puts them in this fast paced book which is hard to put down.  Follow Lincoln into the theatre and Booth as he runs around that very night, planning his attack.  After killing the President of the United States, how is Booth able to run across the stage and escape?  Follow his every move for 12 days as a man hunt is after him.  Did Booth do this alone?  Was Lincoln the only person assassinated that night?  Find out in this well written book.

The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

By: John Boyne



Reviewer: Brandon Berrey

Grade Level: 8-12

Reading Level 8.3

Bruno is only a young boy, but he knows something is wrong when he wakes up and the maid is packing up all his clothes.  His mother informs him they are moving so his father, who is in the German army, can take a new job.  Bruno and his family moves to a place called "Out-With."  Being the adventurous type he explores the camp.  Interestingly he meets a boy on the other side of the fence with his same birthday.  Knowing they will be good friends he returns how to find they have a guest called, "The Fury," and his friend Eva.  He does not like them.  Thoughout the next months he continues to visit his new friend, Schmuel. One day they decided that to help look for Schmuel's lost father, Bruno will put on the same pajamas Schmuel is wearing and help look for him on the other side of the fence.  What happens on the other side of the fence?  This is an ending you can not afford to miss, pick this book up now.