Contemporary Realistic Fiction K-5

Contemporary Realistic Fiction



Contemporary realistic fiction is a genre of fiction that takes place in recent history. However, unlike historical fiction, these stories do not have to be based on any fact. The most distinguishing feature about the genre is that the plot and characters must seem realistic, and unlike modern fantasy, fantastical elements are absent. Stories that qualify as contemporary realistic fiction are great for kids who want to read stories where they can relate to the experiences and feelings of the characters they are reading about.


My Garden

My Garden

By: Kevin Henkes



Reviewer: Brandon Berrey

Grade Level: K-3

Reading Level: 3.9

My mother has a garden, but gardens are hard work to water, weed and chase away the rabbits.  If I had a garden I wouldn't need to weed and the flowers would never die.  If I picked them they would instantly grow back.  They would even change colors when I wanted them to.  There would be prety birds and wonderful butterflies, but the rabbits would be chocolate so that I could eat them.  I could plant seashells and and jellbeans so that I got shell trees and jellbean bushes.  At night the strawberries would glow and the morning glories would open.  So, I go out to my mother's garden and plant a seashell.  What will happen?  Only by reading my book will you find out.


Big Red Lollipop


Big Red Lollipop

By: Rukhsana Khan

Illustrator: Sophie Blackall


Reviewer: Mike Slowinski

Grade Level: K-2

Reading Level: 1.6

A young girl named Rubina has just been invited to her first birthday party. She runs all the way home to ask her mother if she can go, but much to her dismay, her mother says that she can go as long as she takes her younger sister Sana with her. Knowing that she will be made fun of, Rubina begrudgingly takes Sana with her. At the party, her younger sister demands to win all of the games and cries when she doesn't. However, on their way out, both girls are given a big red lollipop as a party favor. Sana, like a child, gobbles hers up immediately, while Rubina saves hers for the next morning. However, the next day, Sana wakes up early and eats her sister's lollipop. For a long while, the two sisters were angry with each other until one day Sana is invited to a party of her own. Just like her older sister was required to take her, Sana's mother tells Sana she must take her younger sister. Just as it looks like Sana will suffer the same social fate as her sister did a few years earlier, Rubina makes a gracious choice. This book has very colorful and interesting illustrations and is a great way to teach sharing, humility, and forgiveness. 

Face Off




By: Jake Maddox


Reviewer: Joseph Diefenthaler

Grade Level: 5-8

Reading Level: 3.2

If you have a student who struggles with reading, then this is a book for you.  Kyle plays on the Eagle's hockey team but seems to be watching more from the bench than playing the game.  Kyle needs to play hard to show his coach as well as his team how well he really plays.  Follow Kyle as he goes from the bench to possibly the teams top scorer.  This is a well written book which many students have problems putting down.  If you like this book, Maddox has written many other books for other sports and hobbies.