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Fad Diets

Everyday people are bombarded by ads and infomercials about the next great diet.  Most of the claims are too good to be true.  Take a look at some diets that are just not healthy.

20 Ways to Keep Weight Off

The Mayo Clinic is a world famous hospital.  Here is a list of twenty ways to keep the weight off once you have safely lost it.

486 Diets

This is a long list of just about every kind of diet you can imagine.  Take a look at some of them and evaluate the value, quality and safety of the diets.  Explanations and reviews are provided for many of the diets on the list.  Never start a diet without talking to parents or a doctor to make sure it is right for you.

Read More About It In Our Library

Obesity is a growing problem.  Take a look at these books and see what the issues really are.

Taco Bell Folk Song

These guys might be talented but they are ordering quite a meal.  My challenge to you is to add up all of the calories these two guys have ordered.  Use this link to see the menu and all of the nutritional information provided by Taco Bell.


What Do You Eat?

How often do you eat fast food?

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10 Reasons Fad Diets Do Not

10 Reasons Why Fad Diets Never Work

 Everyone wants the fastest, most effortless method for achieving results in life. However, it is this pursuit that causes many people to waste their resources, time and energy. The people that create these fad diets and “get rich quick overnight”schemes know that people want this and this is why they will psychologically market their product to match your overly utopian desire. Then they take your resources and let you figure out that it takes work and knowledge to get results that will stay. So here is a list of 10 reasons why fad diets never work:

  1. Your body burns less overall calories.
  2. They all say “lose weight” but not “Lose Fat.”
  3. Your body becomes less efficient at burning fat.
  4. They don’t tell you to exercise.
  5. They taste bad
  6. Most of the weight that you lose is water.
  7. They try to tell you to give up eating all fats.
  8. You feel bad while dieting.
  9. In the end you will gain it all back.
  10. You learn nothing after you quit the diet and/or products.

Whenever you are in doubt, simply ask yourself: “Is this how nature intended for me to lose weight?” Once you start exercising and dieting correctly, you will never want to let that go. The benefits far exceed some “quick fix.” Don’t bandage your problems, solve them.

Source: http://www.blogbytravis.com/10-reasons-why-fad-diets-never-work/