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Website: Feudalism in Medieval England


A useful website for students that details the many members of feudal society.  It also contains links to information about monasteries, Medevial London, and other more specific topics.












Website: Castle Terminology


A handy website to help students as they learn about castles.  The site defines many of the terms associated with the structures of a castle, many of which are quite specifci and period specific.





Website: Middle Ages 


This is a attractive site for students to utilize because it has a wide variety of links to tools, resources, information, and learning games about the Middle Ages.













Website: Medieval Castles Geoff Myers


Students will find this site very interesting because it has great visual resources regarding castles.  Great website that teachers will find useful too.











Website: Top 100 of Medieval Castles


A fun site for kids that displays some amazing structures.  It also effectively defines what a "true" castle was and did, in regards to function.

Audiovisual Resources For Students

Terry Jones' Medieval Lives Webcasts


8 episodes, 1/2 hour each

How much do you think you know about the Middle Ages? Terry Jones' mission is to rescue this romanticised era from cliches and well-worn platitudes. Revealing that no one thought the world was flat and dental hygiene was actually better than it is today, Jones will use animation, medieval locations across Europe and new research to bring the Middle Ages to life. The truth behind eight familiar medieval archetypes including the Knight, the Damsel and the...







The Worst Jobs in History-The Middle Ages Part 1

Online video 9 min.

Details the life of an arming squire, an aide to an armored knight, who hopes to one day become a knight himself.  Unfortunately for young men serving as arming squires, the dirt, danger, ang grime of their current job probably made their future as a knight seem like some far off dream.










Life in the Middle Ages: A History of the Middle Ages

New Video c2002


Call Number: 940.1

The video summarizes some of the key trends of European History between 476 and 1492.  The 23 min. video was produced for use in schools and other educational environments.








Feudalism, Lords, & Vassels (video recording)

Sunburst Visual Media c2004

Follett product # 44460F6

A 40 min. video recording that focuses on the social groups that formed the semi-rigid social structure of the Middle Ages.

Feudalism In Europe Podcast

A brief introduction to feudalism for students that serves well as an overview before they begin activities or as a brief review.


Educational Podcast Describing the system of Manorialism.

Scotland-The Great Castles

Google Books Search Engine

The coverpage of Owls, by Gail Gibbon, copyrighted 2005, is the image to the right.  The books artwork and sections of text are one example of the resources available through the google books search engine.  Many of the books offer free access to part of the book, a few offer access to the entire books, while others only have links to where the book may be purchased.

Heraldry Game









Click on the shield above to play the Heraldry Game.  Free on-line heraldry game - learn about Shields, Knights and Heraldry. Role-play as a young aristocrat, recognizing friends and enemies.

Plum City Public Library/MORE Online Library System

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Books: Plum City Public Library

These books are at the Plum City Public Library or they are from other public libraries, but can be requested for pickup from Plum City through the MORE Online System.

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A Medieval Castle

Gail Jarrow

KidHaven Press c2005

ISBN: 0737720700

Call Number:  940.1 JAR

Discusses Medieval Castles, including why they were built, who built them, how they were constructed,how they were used, their deterioration, and their repair and restoration.





100 Things You Should Know About Knights and Castles

Jane Walker

Mason Crest Pub.   c2003

ISBN: 1590844505

Call Number: 940.1 WAL

Describes the life of a knight within the walls of a castle as well as how castle life would change if attacked or under siege.





Stephen Biesty

Houghton Mifflin 1994

ISBN: 1564584674

Call Number: 940.1 BIE

Biesty's book provides numerous cut-away views and cross-sections of castles to better understand the form and function of the buildings.



Mark Bergin

Franklin Watts c1999

ISBN: 0531145719

Call Number: 728.8 BER

Discusses the history of castles, their purpose and uses, and the role in society held by them and their inhabitants.





Christopher Gravett

Knopf, c1994

 ISBN: 0679860002

Call Number: 623.14 GRA

A photo essay on castles around the world from England to Spain and Germany to Japan. Looks at the castle as fortress, home, prison, and as a self-contained city.




David Macaulay

Houghton Mifflin c1977

ISBN: 0395257840

Call Number: 6223.19 MAC

Text and detailed drawings follow the planning and construction of a "typical" castle and adjoining town in thirteenth-century Wales.




Places of Worship in the Middle Ages

Kay Eastwood

Crabtree Pub. Co. c2004

ISBN: 0778713474

Call Number 200.9 EAS

Breaks down the church's impact on daily life during the Middle Ages.  It also covers topics such as monasteries and convents, as well the religions of Judaism, Islam, and other world religions.



The Church

Kathryn Hinds

Benchmark Books c2001

ISBN: 0761410082

Call Number: 270.5 HIN

Details the powerful role that "The Church" possessed in medieval society and how the church fit into the feudal system.




Damsels Not In Distress: The True Story of Women in Medieval Times

Andrea Hopkins

Rosen Pub. Group c2004

ISBN: 0823939928

Call Number: 305.4 HOP

Explores the roles played by women of various classes in medieval society, in the nobility, in the church, and in daily life and work.




The Middle Ages: An Encyclopedia for Students

William Chester Jordan

Charles Scribner's Sons c1996

ISBN: 0684197731

Call Number: REF 909.07 Vol.1-4

An in detailed reference resource for a student's study of the Middle Ages.




Feudalism and Village Life in the Middle Ages

Mercedes Padrino

World Almanac Library c2006

ISBN: 0836858948

Call Number: 940.973 PAD

Describes the social structure of village life in the middle ages within the framework of the feudal system.



Knights and Castles

Phillip Dixon

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers c2007

ISBN: 9781416938644

Call Number: 940.1 DIX

This book helps to explain the social groups that affected life with the castles of the Medieval Period.



Medieval Projects You Can Do!

Marsha Groves

Crabtree Pub. c2006

ISBN: 9780778713616

Call Number: 909 GRO

Ideas for projects and activities that help to better understand life in the Middle Ages are offered to readers in this book.



Medieval Lives / Eight Charismatic Men and Women of the Middle Ages

Norman Cantor

HarperCollins Publishers c1994

ISBN: 0060169893

Call Number: 940.1 CAN

Middle Age figures covered in the book include: Helena Augusta, Augustine of Hippo,  Alcuin of York, Humbert of Lorrainen, Hildegard of Bingen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Robert Grosseteste, and John Duke of Bedford

The Middle Ages: A Watts Guide for Children

William Chester Jordan

F. Watts c1999

ISBN: 0531117154

Call Number: 956 JOR

A guide to the Middle Ages, discussing events, people, and practices around the world from 500 to 1500.




Richard Platt

DK c2007

ISBN: 0756628385

Call Number: 940.1 PLA

Describes medieval castles and what life was like for the knights who lived in them.