Medical Dictionary

Check Brown County Library

Click here to check the public library.  All you need is a library card to check out a book.  You can even have it delivered to Pulaski so you don't have to drive to Green Bay.

Key Words to Remember

While searching for your disease or any other diseases, make sure you type in human disease.  By searching for human diseases you are eliminating all plant or animal disease.  Also, make sure you include the disease name or symptom to help in the search.

Key Websites to Search

Ebling Library in Madison

Click here to go to the link on the Ebling Library homepage.  This is a great link for journals and other documents.

LARGE LIST OF DIFFERENT DISEASES has a huge list of categories for different symptoms and diseases.  This is another great resource to use.

Statistics and Maps

Click here to link to the UIUC website where they have many statistics and maps for different diseases or health issues.