Immigration Curriculum Guide: Immigration Welcome

This lib guide will assist you in locating books, audio-visuals, and other resources surrounding the theme of immigration

I Lift my Lamp Beside the Golden Door


E Pluribus Unum...the motto of the United States. 

Translated, it means "Out of Many, One."

But, what does that this motto mean to you? 

The purpose of this lib guide is to provide resources about immigration for sixth-grade students and teachers.  Students will be able to understand their heritage better.  They will understand what allured their ancestors to come to America, or they will learn what pushed them away from their homelands in search of America's freedoms. 


The world is ever-changing, and tracing the patterns of immigration into America can shed light upon the world as a whole.  The hope is that those that study immigration become aware of the commonalities between our citizens and realize the roots of our modern-day culture. 


So, if you're a teacher, grab your lesson planner and a cup of cappuccino.  If you're a student, break out the cookies and milk.  Relax, explore, and learn.  May your journey into the past provide insight into the future. 


E Pluribus Unum: "Out of Many, One."  Hmm, maybe Uno Plures may be more descriptive: "Many in One."

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