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Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg - Kids' Games

Ever wonder what it would have been like to live 200 years ago?

Dora's Magical Garden

Help Dora plant her garden.

click on Dora and help plant the garden


Favorite Vegetable?

Which of these vegetables would you choose?

Favorite Vegetable?
broccoli: 0 votes (0%)
carrots: 1 votes (33.33%)
tomato: 0 votes (0%)
jicama: 0 votes (0%)
sweet potato: 1 votes (33.33%)
cucumber: 1 votes (33.33%)
Total Votes: 3

Favorite Fruits?

What is your favorite fruit?

Favorite Fruits?
apples: 0 votes (0%)
pears: 0 votes (0%)
peaches: 1 votes (25%)
bananas: 0 votes (0%)
cherries: 1 votes (25%)
strawberries: 2 votes (50%)
watermelon: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 4

Gardening Games

Gardening: Free Games


Hey!  Come and join me for some fun in the garden!

Farmer Fred

Pumpkin Patch

  • Use what you know about gardening and your addition skills to harvest the pumpkins.

  • Click the Picture to play the game.

Bloomin' Gardens Game

How to play the Blooming Gardens Game: Time to get those green finders working and your garden under control – plants are growing faster than you can pick them. Get them in rows of five or more to clear some space. The more you clear in a single row, the more points you get.

Click to grab a plant, then click a new patch to replant it. Make sure there is a clear path through the garden. The game is over when your garden is overgrown.

To play this game: click the flower below...

University of Minnesota: Children's Garden

Children's Garden: Games & Activities


Click on the photo and try the activities!  

The Seasons - Games & Activities

Have fun year round.  

Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter

Click above to do try these activities.

The Food Pyramid