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What is a Farm to School Program


Farm Fresh Initiative

  • The farm fresh initiative started in order to connect K-12 schools with healthy foods that are all locally grown. These programs are starting up and being used around the United States. Each community has their own activites and lessons set up to supplement the programs.

Goals of Progams

  • To meet the diverse needs of school nutrition programs in an efficient manner
  • To support regional and local farmers and thereby strengthen local food systems
  • To provide support for health and nutrition education

In Review

  • Farm to School is a comprehensive program that extends beyond farm fresh salad bars and local foods in the cafeteria. Some other programs include waste management programs like composting, and experiential education opportunities such as planting school gardens, cooking demonstrations and farm tours.

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Farm to School Nutrition

Farm Fresh and Nutrition

Games about Nutrition

  • Click the picture to learn more about nutrition.

Farm to School Statistics


States with operational Programs: 48
Farm to School Programs in the U.S. (estimated)* 2,257
Farm to School Programs profiled on this site 282
Number of schools involved 9,629
Number of school districts involved 2,160
* Estimated by the National Farm to School program, Center for Food & Justice, Occidental College.