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Books - Fiction

Bring me some apples and I'll make you a pie: a story about Edna Lewis

by Robbin Gourley 

While young children may not understand about fresh ingredients and a career in cooking, they will enjoy learning about where the food they eat comes from. Gourley follows her character through the growing season, starting in early spring and ending with the autumn frost.

The Carrot Seed

by Ruth Krauss

A little boy plants a carrot seed and waits patiently, tending to it carefully, while everyone around him insists that "it won't come up."

The Flower Garden

by Eve Bunting

An urban African-American girl and her father buy plants, potting soil, and a window box at the supermarket, ride the bus to their apartment, and put together a colorful gift for the child's mother.

The Gardener

by Sarah Stewart

Through her letters to her farm family, Lydia Grace tells how she brightens her uncle's dreary bakery and his disposition with a little dirt and a suitcase full of seeds.

Growing Vegetable Soup

by Lois Ehlert

The book provides a healthy dose of completely digestible information on growing and nurturing living things; it's also a zesty introduction to vivid, abstract art.

My Garden

by Kevin Henkes

After describing how she helps her mother water and weed, a young girl imagines her own silly and sweet garden filled with eternal flowers that can change color and pattern, chocolate rabbits, seashells that grow new seashells, and a giant jelly-bean bush.

Our Community Garden

by Barbara Pollak

Audrey lives in San Francisco, where she and her friends have plots in a community garden. They plant, weed, and water to raise their favorite vegetables: Tomas grows tomatillos for salsa, Alison nurtures asparagus beans for a stir-fry with tofu, and Audrey cultivates eggplants. After the harvest, the children make delicious dishes from their produce and the community gathers for a feast.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

by Jeanne Titherington

Softly colored pencil illustrations in a realistic style effectively communicate Jamie's pride as a very young gardener. He plants a seed, then grows and harvests a pumpkin from which he saves seeds for next year.

Quiet in the Garden

by Aliki

“I love to go out in the garden,” says a young boy, who describes what he sees and hears when he sits still in his lush backyard.

The Ugly Vegetables

by Grace Lin

The girl narrator is clearly disappointed when, unlike her neighbors who prepare flower gardens, she and her mother plant Chinese vegetables that, her mother insists, are "better than flowers."

Books - Non-fiction


A Backyard Vegetable Garden for Kids

by Amie Jane Leavit

Gardening isn t just for adults, however. Kids can plan, create, and maintain their own gardens, too.

Busy in the Garden

by George Shannon

Twenty-four snappy poems revolve around the growing season. All are short; most are no more than four lines. Some are punny–Would You Carrot All to Dance? Others are riddles, such as A Riddle Picnic.

From Seed to Plant

by Gail Gibbons

A simple introduction to how plants reproduce, discussing pollination, seed dispersal, and growth from seed to plant.

Garden Friends

DK Publishing

Take a look at the creatures living in your own backyard, including butterflies and other insects in Garden Friends.

Green Thumbs: A Kid's Activity Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

by Laurie Carlson

Budding gardeners will learn what it takes to make things grow with fun activities that require only readily available materials.

Grow Your Own Pizza

by Constance Hardesty

The next time someone asks for a pizza, don't order one, grow one! For gardeners and food connoisseurs of all ages, this fun yet practical resource will take you step-by-step from dirt to dinner table.

Jack's Garden

by Henry Cole

A cumulative story that traces a little boy's backyard flower garden from tilling the soil to enjoying the blossoms.

Oddhopper Opera

by Kurt Cyrus

"Once upon a garden rotten,/Twice forlorn and half forgotten-," a variety of beetles, earwigs, and other earth dwellers hid beneath the fetid vegetables, waiting for warmer weather. With a rhyming text and bug's-eye views of the towering vegetation, Cyrus follows insects, snails, frogs, and a snake through their spring awakening and summer foraging.

Pumpkin Circle: the Story of a Garden

by George Levinson

The development of a pumpkin seed into a plant, pumpkin, jack-o'-lantern, and, completing the circle, back to seed again, is the subject of this colorful book.

Wildlife Gardening

by Martyn Cox

This colorful guide is filled with information and activities. Cox defines the food web of a backyard and encourages attracting wild animals not only to help them survive, but also to enjoy observing them. The environmental activities are illustrated with full-color photographs of enthusiastic children accomplishing these projects mostly without adult help.





Teacher Resources

How to Grow a School Garden: a Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers

by Arden Bucklin-Sporer and Rachel Pringle 

Kids in the Garden

by Elizabeth McCorquodale

The plants and vegetables included are potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers, herbs, strawberries, blueberries, sunflowers and many more. Easy recipes for children to make with their fresh produce include; one pot jam, minty fizz and easy pizza sauce.

Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool, K-8

by Herbert W. Broda

Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning shows how the school grounds—regardless of whether your school is in an urban, suburban, or rural setting—can become an enriching extension of the classroom

Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

Whether an experienced gardener is looking to go organic or a beginner wants to create a healthy, eco-friendly garden, the Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening contains the tips and techniques needed to produce beautiful flowers, top-quality herbs, and appetizing, wholesome fruits and vegetables.

Starter Vegetable Gardens: 24 No-Fail Plans for Small Organic Gardens

by Barbara Pleasant

Sowing seeds! Combating pests! Harvesting zucchini! It can all be a little overwhelming for the inexperienced gardener. With a clean, crisp, foolproof approach, Pleasant takes the fear out of food gardening in a must-have resource that will appeal to both neophytes and experienced gardeners. From simple bag gardens to bountiful food cornucopias, each garden plan is a symphony in simplicity.