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High School Library Books

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                     Calif. : QEB, 2008.

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598 Bur          Endangered birds!  Milwaukee : Gareth Stevens Pub., 1996.


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598.7 Pai        Paige, Joy.  The hummingbird : world's smallest bird.  New York

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598 Nat          National Audubon Society book of wild birds.  New York :

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598 Sto          Stokes, Donald W.  Stokes bird feeder book : the complete

                      guide to attracting, identifying, and understanding your

                      feeder  birds. Boston : Little,   Brown, c1987.

598 Ste          Stevens, Ann Shepard.  Strange nests.  Brookfield, CT :

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598.7 Sto       Stone, Lynn M.  Woodpeckers.  Vero Beach, Fla: Rourke Corp.,



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Pileated Woodpecker

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Blue Jay

Blue Jay Artwork

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Ruby-throated Hummingbird
The adult male Ruby-throated Hummingbird has iridescent green upperparts, head, and flanks. The underparts are white and the throat is bright red with a black chin.