Energy in Wisconsin

Energy Projects in Wisconsin

Each dot represents a renewable energy project in Wisconsin.  If you look closely, there are a variety of projects within miles of Plymouth!

Read about how Wisconsin is educating children about energy.

Senate Bill 459

In 2005, Govenor Doyle signed into law Senate Bill 459.  This bill indicates that by the year 2015, utilities companies will be responsible for producing 10% of their energy using renewable energy resources, and to have the state purchase 20% of its energy from renewable resources by 2011.  To read the bill, click here

At the time the law was signed, Wisconsin generated 70% of its electricity from coal, 20% from it's two nuclear power plants, and less than 1% from clean, renewable energy sources.

Read a press release from the Office of the Governor in 2006 in regards to the Senate Bill 459.

Wind Projects in Wisconsin

Wind projects are the number one source of renewable energy in Wisconsin.  These projects began in 1998 and have grown in popularity. Currently, there are 306 wind turbines in the state.  Many of these wind farms are located in Dodge and Fond du Lac counties.   Click on the link below to view a map of the wind farms within Wisconsin. 

This map is taken from Renew Wisconsin Project.

 The picture below is taken from a wind farm in central Wisconsin.  No wind farm would be complete without cows! Photo taken from Google Images                                            





What are the locals saying?

Residents of Fond du Lac County share their opinions and experiences with the windfarms in their back yards.  Videos were taken from

Wisconsin Energy Statistics

Wisconsin is on the right track with it's energy usage.  To view specific statistics about Wisconsin energy use, read the 2009 Wisconsin Energy Statistics compiled by the Wisconsin Office of Energy Independence.

Energy Companies in Wisconsin

Take a look at the major energy companies found in Wisconsin.  Are they all the same?  What parts of the state do they service?

Alliant Energy

WE Energies

Wisconsin Public Service