La Feria de Abril (Sevilla)

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Where is Seville?

Where, exactly, is Seville, Spain? Check out the links below to find out a little about the city's location and some basic facts about it.


Google Maps

You can use Google Maps to search for "Seville, Spain." This will reveal the city's location in the world.

Facts: has a brief almanac covering the key facts of Seville.


Flamenco is a style of dress, dance, and music. Flamenco is important and unique to Seville, as well as a big part of La Feria de Sevilla.

To explore some of the sounds of today's popular flamenco music, browse for flamenco artists on Last.FM.

"Last.FM: Flamenco"

How to Dress at La Feria de Abril

Andulucia, Seville's state, has released information on the type of dress that women and men wear to the fair. The article also discusses why the spring dress is significance and how it is rooted in the fair.

"Seville Fiar--Dress" provides a nice discussion on the history of the flamenco dress, the traditional dress worn by women at La Feria de Abril. Note: You will need to use Google Translator to read the information on this page.

"Feria de Abril: Flamenco Costumes"

What Is La Feria de Abril?

Sean McNamara from Map Magazine online discusses the fair from a tourist's perspecive in his piece "Travel in Spain: The Feria de Sevilla (Seville)." Find out what his thoughts, observations, and reactions were by clicking on the link below.

"Travel in Spain: The Feria de Sevilla (Seville)" has strong discussions on where the fair is held, why it is held, and what goes on during the fair.

"La Feria de Abril, Sevilla"

Cat Gaa, a Chicago native living in Seville, Spain, discusses her experiences at the Feria de Abril in her blog. Check out what she has to say by clicking on he link below.

"Experiencing the Seville Spring Fair--Feria de Abril"

Origins of La Feria de Abril

Explore Seville has a detailed explanation about the fair's history. If you click on the link below, read the section "What Is the Feria de Abril?" You'll learn a lot about how the fair has evolved since its origins in the 1840s.

"Insider's Guide: Feria de Sevilla"

Turismo de Sevilla has a strong discussion of the fair's history as well. This convention bureau even discusses the people who are responsible for initially starting and promoting the fair in its infancy.

"Feria de Abril: History"


One of the main highlights of the Feria de Abril is the "Alumbrado." This is when the fair begins and the puerta and the rest of the fair grounds are lit. Below is footage that covers the alumbrado of the Feria de Abril in 2010.

Video Credits: Alumbrado Feria de Abril (2010)

What Is a Caseta?

Casetas are tents that are set up during the Feria de Abril. These tents are sponsored by families, businesses, etc and are very exclusive in regards to who the owners of the tents allow in. In fact, it isn't uncommon for tourists to not be allowed in at all because they don't know anyone who can vouch for them.

For some history on the casetas used and their construction, provides a nice explanation of the technical specifications and the rules those with casetas must follow. NOTE: You will want to use Google Translator to translate information on this page. You'll also want to use the menu on the left to select "History" under "Houses."

"Las Casetas: History"

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Sevilla, Feria de Abril