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Valencia, Spain

Where, exactly, is Valencia, Spain? Check out the links below to find out a little about the city's location and some basic facts about it.


Google Maps

You can use Google Maps to search for "Valencia, Spain." This will reveal the city's location in the world.


All About Spain

All About Spain has a wealth of information about Valencia, including what the city's name means, where to travel why there, and what to eat.

Saint Joseph

Las Fallas is a festival held in honor of Saint Joseph. While he is not the sole reason as to why the festival is held (nor is he the city's patron saint), the Valencians use him as a focal point for the festival. To find out more about the Saint Joseph and why he appropriately connects to the Fallas festival, check out the links below.

Catholic Online's "St. Joseph"

What Is Las Fallas?

This short video which was broadcast on EuroNews will help to start put the festival into perspective for you.

"Las Fallas Festival, Valencia, Spain"

The official website of Las Fallas allows you to explore some of what goes on during the festival and explains why this festival is so important.

"Fallas de Valencia"

Hedy Weiss recounts her recent trip to Valencia in this Chicago Sun-Times article. In the article, you'll learn what Las Fallas is, her reactions to it, as well as how she felt about seeing her first bullfight.

"Fiery Las Fallas Festival a Bang-up Time in Spain"

Alan Farnham's "Got a Match?" will help you discover some of the basics of the festival, as well as some of the reactions to the festival by people in Spain and those who have attended.

"Got a Match?"

Origins of Las fallas

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The origins of the Las Fallas festival are debated and, like many Spanish festivals, are "unknown." However, there are a few theories as to how this festival came into light (no pun intended). Check out the links below for information on what Las Fallas is, as well as how it originated as one of the most spectacular festivals in Spain.

Travel Channel's "The Fires of Las Fallas"

Valencia Trader's "The History of Las Fallas"

Events of Las Fallas

For a general time table of events that take place during Las Fallas, there is a full program schedule at

"Time Table of Events During Las Fallas"

Aside from the Crema, or the point in the Las Fallas festival where the Valencians blow up their ninots, the Ofrenda de Flores (Offering of the Flowers) parade is probably the most well known event that occurs during the festival. To learn more about the Ofrenda de Flores, check out the link below.

"Ofrenda de Flores a la Virgin de los Desamparados"

A third event integral to the festival is the Cabalgada del Fuego (Parade of Fire) which takes place leading up to the Crema. A blog, titled "The Bald Heretic" discusses this parade and provides some spectacular pictures of it. There is also a link here that discusses the Crema.

"Cabalgada del Fuego"

What Is a Ninot?

Ninots are large satirical figures which are the center of the Las Fallas festival. To learn more about the origins, construction, and to see some of these interesting caricatures, check the links below. See if you can figure out how or what the ninots are intended to poke fun of.

Ninot Photo Gallery provides a general discussion on Las Fallas. There is a nice portion dedicated to what ninots are, as well as their construction.

"Las Fallas--Valencia"

Dress During Las Fallas

During the Las Fallas celebration, the people of Spain dress in many different types of costumes. These costumes have become a tradition in the festival. The links below will provide more details on what the Spanish where to celebrate.

Costumes of Las Fallas

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