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Pamplona, Spain

Where, exactly, is Pamplona, Spain? Check out the links below to find out a little about the city's location and some basic facts about it.


Google Maps

You can use Google Maps to search for "Pamplona, Spain." This will reveal the city's location in the world.


Enforex has a brief almanac of the key facts of Pamplona.

Saint Fermin

Who was Saint Fermin and why is this festival dedicated to him? "The Patron Saint of Pamplona" will reveal more of the how and why Saint Fermin is an integral part of the San Fermin Festival.

"The Patron Saint of Pamplona"

It is believed that Saint Fermin never actually ran with bulls, but another man associated with him did. It is this man's dreadful fate that inaccurately links Saint Fermin to the bull run of Pamplona. Robert Duncan explains more in his article "Did Saint Fermin Really Run with the Bulls?" featured on Spero News.

"Did Saint Fermin Really Run with the Bulls?"

San Fermin Route

Curious about the route of the bull run? Click the link below to view a map from Google Earth that illustrates the short and infamous route that makes this festival so intriguing.

Note: You will need Google Earth installed in order to view this map.

How Brave Are You?

Knowing what you know now, would you be willing to risk your life to run with the bulls?

How Brave Are You?
No way! I value my life.: 120 votes (46.33%)
Bring it on! Those bulls have nothing on me.: 139 votes (53.67%)
Total Votes: 259

What Is San Fermin?

The Boston Globe provides a nice discussion of the festival using photos from San Fermin 2009.

"The Festival of San Fermin, 2009"

Encyclopedia Britannica provides a short and very concise discussion of what the festival is all about.

"Fiesta de San Fermin"

"Pamplona No Bull" appeared in The Smithsonian and is a little more detailed, providing a discussion of the festival that hints at what it means. The article also provides a nice discussion of how the festival is organized.

"Pamplona No Bull"

Origins of San Fermin

Photo Credits

Spanish Fiestas provides a strong and short explanation for the origins of this festival.

"Pamplona Bull Run: History of the Pamplona Bull Run"

A more detailed and interesting account of the festival's origins can be found at Here you'll learn why the people of Pamplona run with bulls and where the festival originated.

"History of the Running of the Bulls"

A third reference that might be useful to you is's discussion of how the festival has changed throughout the years. There's also a short video that documents an older bull run, as well as how the bulls are treated once they enter the bullring.

"History of San Fermin"

Events During San Fermin

The Chupinazo:

The chupinazo is used to signal the start of the bull run each morning during the San Fermin festival. The link below discusses exactly what the chupinzo is and why it is important to the festival.

The "Chupinazo"

The Procession of San Fermin:

While the San Fermin festival is best known for running with bulls and bullfighting, there is still a very religious significance to it. The people of Pamplona do not forget this and celebrate their city's patron saint with a processional. Navarra's tourism site has a brief discussion of this part of the festival.

"In Honor of the Patron Saint--San Fermin"

The Giants and Big Heads Parade:

The Giants and Big Heads Parade has been an integral part of Pamplona culture (and the San Fermin Festival) for quite some time. The two links below will fill you in on the significance of this parade and its purpose.

"Kilikis: The Giant Bobble Heads of Pamplona"

"Procession of Giants and Big Heads"


Bullfighting is also another integral part to the San Fermin festival. In fact, there are bullfights held every evening throughout the week of San Fermin. To learn more about bullfighting, check out the bullfighting tab in this libguide, or click the link below.

"Bullfighting in Spain"

Dress During San Fermin

If you're wondering why the Spanish wear white shirts, white trousers, and wear red scarfs during the San Fermin festival, you'll find some answers here.

"Why the Red Scarf in San Fermin"'s "The Origins of the San Fermin Attire" presents and discusses several theories in regards to the elusive dress during the San Fermin festival.

"The Origins of the San Fermin Attire"

Rules of the Festival

With a festival this dangerous, there's bound to be some rules and guidelines. Find out what rules participants of this festival must abide by in order to run.

"Official Rules for the Running of the Bulls at the San Fermin Festival, Pamplona"