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Donald Halverson

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This libguide was created to gather information about Donald Halverson and his World War Two Service. 

The story behind the research:

This summer my grandparents passed away and as we were cleaning out their house we realized there was more to my grandparents than they ever talked about.  We knew my grandfather was in World War Two, but that was about all we knew.  He never talked about his experience to his children, and only in the last few years did he tell a couple stories to his nosy grandchildren.  (Of course I was one of those nosy grandchildren)  The last day we were in the house, my cousin and I decided to do one last check in the attic and it was a good thing we did!!  We were very surprised to find a whole box of documents and war memorabilia that no one new existed.  I took it on as my semester project to put a story behind the documents and artifacts for my family. 

The items we found in their house that we did not know they had were:

Box of over 1,000 letters that my grandfather wrote to my grandmother and his parents during World War Two.

Military Trunk

Medals, Insignia, War Documents, War Pictures, etc.

World War One Jacket (no one in my family knew who it belonged to)

I set out to pull all the pieces together and learn more about his service.  I also had a side project to find out who the World War One jacket belonged to.  You will have to look through the libguide to find out what I found! :)

In the end, this is turning out to be a life long research project that has taught me a lot about the importance of family and documenting everyones story, no matter how insignificant they may think it is.  My grandfather did not think he had much of a story to tell, but in the end, I found out it was an incredible story of love, bravery, honor, patriotism, and faith.  A story that tells a piece of world history through the eyes of a small town farm boy, and it is a story that has allowed me to understand and get to know my grandfather more than I ever thought I could. 


I hope you find this libguide helpful in understanding World War Two through the life of Donald Halverson and the 100th Bomb Group.

Guide for continued research

I hope the information I have included on this Libguide is helpful in learning about World War Two, The hundredth Bomb Group, and more specifically learning more about Donald Halverson and his service.  If you would like to continue research beyond what I have included on the libguide, I would encourage you to contact the State Historical Society, Wisconsin's Veterans Society, and the 100th Bomb Group Museum at Thorp Abbots, England. If you want to continue research that is specifically related to Donald Halverson, the best place to start is reading the letters he wrote to his parents and his wife Signe, look over the war documents and papers that were found in his attic, and contact the government to have them reissue all of his papers and medals.  They will send copies of everything they have as long as you have the correct documents to prove your relations.  I have requested copies for Donald and the World War One documents, but have not received them yet, so understand that it may take a while for them to process your request.

While you continue your research you should understand the different levels of the air force and use it as part of your search terms. For example, you can find information about Donald and the rest of his crew by searching with his pilots name, Lyman Fillingame.  Donald's Crew was a part of the 349th Bomb Squadron, which was a part of the 100th Bomb Group.  The 100th Bomb Group, was apart of the 8th USAAF that was based out of England.

Below are search terms that will guide you to the correct information you are looking for:

Thorp Abbots

8th USAAF (United States American Air Force)

100th Bomb Group

Bloody Hundredth (nickname)

349th Bomb Squadron

Lyman Fillingame (pilot of crew)

B17 (type of plane he flew)

Furthermore, below are books and movies that will add to the historical background of the 100th bomb group. 

World War Two in HD: The Air War - excellent movie that depicts what they went through.

The Best Years of Our Lives- Movie

I Wanted Wings- Movie

12 O'clock High- Movie

Target for Today-Movie

Serenade to a Big Bird-Movie

An Eighth Air Force Combat Diary:- Book

Through Blue Skies to Hell-Book

A Wing and a Prayer-Book

Untold Valor: Forgotten Stories of American Bomber Crews over Europe in WWII-Book

Masters of the Air-Book