Board Game Bonanza!: Board Game Bonanza!

This guide is for Phantom Knight students in the West De Pere School District

Favorite Board Game

What is your all-time favorite board game?

Favorite Board Game
Monopoly: 1 votes (8.33%)
Life: 3 votes (25%)
Chutes and Ladders: 4 votes (33.33%)
Sorry: 2 votes (16.67%)
Other: 2 votes (16.67%)
Total Votes: 12

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Welcome to the Board Game Bonanza Research Guide!


Over the next few weeks, you will be researching different aspects of your favorite board game(s).

- Follow the top tabs to go through the steps of the research process.

- Follow the bottom tabs to navigate to useful board game websites.

Good luck and have fun!

Subject Guide

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