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Administrator's Guide for 21st Century School Libraries

Groups and Tasks

Group1 Glossary:  Arlette, Lorisa, Lesley

Group2 Vision:  Laura E., Polly, and Ellie

Group3 Impact: Robin, Janet, Laura W.

Group4 Additional Resources: Abbie, Mike, Stephanie

Group5 Standards: Susan, Jessica, Angela

Group6 Quality Program: Julie, Tiffany, Trisha

Group7 Planning: Joe, Lisa, Brandon



Review the Administrator’ Guide and the links provided for you at the UWSSLEC Home Page.

Would your administrator find these links useful? Can you suggest any improvements on sharing that kind of information with your principal? Have you seen more current or useful links for advocating to your administrator about the school library program?


There are 3 parts to the Module 5 Assignment, two extensive written parts (Part 1: A and B, and Part 2), and a D2L discussion. PART 1 (A and B) is your critical analysis overview and/or revision suggestions for he UWSSLEC Administrator’s Toolbox. It includes multiple tasks. PART 2 is the yearly goals piece. PART 1 can be a collaboration piece for the in-depth review, both participants will receive the same score on the shared evaluation part. PART 2 is an individual project. This Module has several components, but both your final tasks/discoveries can be submitted as separate documents (Part 1, Part 2) to the D2L Dropbox under Advocacy and Administrator. Although you will have two separate document contributions to D2L Dropbox, you will have one final total score. The third part of the Module is a contribution to the D2L Discussion thread about Principals and Advocacy, problems and suggestions for working with administrators.

Due Date       7/22, extended to 7/29 if needed                                   65 points

WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT (2 parts, Part 1- A and B, Part 2) 


TASK: Complete a critical analysis of the Administrator’s Toolkit from the UWSSLEC Webpage. Review multiple aspects of the toolkit, including:

TASK: PART 1A: Cursory Overview.

 Approach the critical overview from the lens of a somewhat uniformed, but information seeking audience. Although you do not know who would locate the site – novice library student, school librarian, administrator, classroom teacher, School Board member, or community member—focus on how useful this portion of the UWSSLEC site could be for school librarians and their administrator.

 How engaging and informative is the Administrator’s Toolkit?  In the general overview, consider:

Aesthetics, appeal

Visibility, navigation, ease of access

Topics covered, general overview

Topics not covered, what should be?

TASK: PART 1B: Specific Review. 

Select a specific topic strand from the topics gathered from the dropdown menu, eligible topics are listed below. Assess your category in detail, including a review of current links, and suggestions for updates. YOU MAY WORK WITH PARTNER TO DELVE INTO THE INFORMATION REVIEW.

 Examine the recommended articles and site synopsis posted on UWSSLEC. Are the information resources appropriate and usable? What else might be added? What might be removed? The category choices available include those below**: (Note: Do Not select Licensure in WI, or State Law, these will be reviewed by UWSSLEC staff)



Program Development

            Quality Program


            Additional Resources




** I will post the topics in D2L with the hope that all the topics get covered by WISE 2 students for this review, but this is not to say two groups would be prohibited from reviewing a category like Impact, which is a large section.

LOCATE: two more recently published articles in professional education journals which you would recommend adding to the toolkit. These could be in addition or replacements.

EXCLUDE the Wisconsin Report and the School Libraries Count  research documents for your review, select two other documents.

SELECT one document / article found on the UWSSLEC Administrator’s Guide links or a newly discovered article that you would share with your administrator. Read the document / article carefully. Include a short summary of the key points of the article in your critical review. Critique the information provided by the author. Did you find the information informative? Which points or would you not share the article/information with your Principal? Would there be more useful information which you might also provide?



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