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This guide is for elementary students and staff to promote fun poetry ideas.



Tips for Understanding this LibGuide

Check out the Video of Shel Silverstien's poem Sick!

  • Rewrite the Poem Sick or write your own poem 

The Right column has 3 boxes.  

  • Top Box has fun Websites about Poetry for students .
  • Middle Box has a list of Famous Poets that write poems for children 
  • Bottom Box has helpful websites for teachers.

Go to the second Tab 

  • Learn about a few types of poems
  • Practice writing your own on the interactive links




Sick By Shell Silverstein

Poetry can be fun to read and write.  This LibGuide will help you learn about the many types of poems. There are resources to help you write your own creative poems. It will expose you to some great poets that write poems for children.  My favorite poet is Shel Silverstein and my favorite poem is called Sick.  Listen to it here!!  

Student Resources

Resources for Teachers